Month: January 2015

Introducing August Connect – Secure Remote Access for Your Home

Just now at CES, we announced our newest product August Connect.

August Connect works seamlessly with the August Smart Lock to make your life a whole lot easier.

  • Never wonder if you left your door unlocked.
  • Remotely unlock or lock your door for your guests.
  • Immediately know when anyone enters or leaves your home.
  • No monthly or annual fees required.


August Connect plugs into any power outlet near your August Smart Lock and seamlessly connects your smart lock to your home WiFi, enabling new remote access features including the ability to check the status of your lock and operate it remotely from the August app.

Pre-order your August Connect now for $49.99 on August Connect ships mid-February 2015.

Download our August Connect press release here.




August Smart Lock Now Works with Nest

We’re excited to announce that August Smart Lock now works with Nest. Whether you’re coming home or heading out, August can set your Nest Learning Thermostat™ to Home or Away.

Begin warming or cooling your home, the moment you walk in – Unlock your August Smart Lock and alert your Nest Thermostat to switch to Home and begin warming or cooling your home.

Save energy when you’re not home – As you lock your August Smart Lock, alert your Nest Thermostat to switch to Away status to help save energy.


August Smart Lock now works with Nest


Know your home’s temperature, even when you’re away – Don’t worry about how warm or cool your home is while you’re away. You can see the temperature of your Nest Thermostat in the August app.

August Smart Lock works with Nest - view tempearture in your home


To learn more about August Smart Lock, visit our website, Amazon, Apple or stop by your local Apple Store.

Here’s How it Works

For those of you that already own an August Smart Lock and a compatible Android or iOS device, August enables you to control your Nest Thermostat through the August app. By linking the August app to your Nest account, you can set your Home and Away status through the August app when you unlock or lock your door. You will only be prompted once to set your status to Home or Away when you arrive and unlock your door, so coming home is even simpler for family and friends arriving after you. You can also view your home’s temperature while you’re away.

August’s support knowledge base has step-by-step instructions and Frequently Asked Questions to help you get started.