August Smart Lock Now Integrated Into XFINITY Home App



In May we announced a partnership with Comcast that would give our customers the ability to control their August Smart Lock using the Xfinity Home app for iOS and Android.

We are excited to announce this feature is now officially available within the recently updated Xfinity Home app. August Smart Lock customers who also own an August Connect WiFi bridge and subscribe to Xfinity Home can easily check the status of their door. For example, using the Xfinity app, customers can lock or unlock the door and get a detailed list of who has entered or exited and when.

August is a member of Comcast’s “Work With Xfinity Home” program and more details can be found here.

For more information on how to configure your August Smart Lock with the Xfinity Home app, check out our support article here.

Over 300 Strong. The August Installer Network.

Sometimes, we can all use a little help. Even though we designed the August Smart Lock to self-install in 15 minutes, it’s nice when a professional shows up to save us some time or fix issues like a problematic door.

To make that easy, August has trained a network of over 300 licensed locksmiths in the US who can stop by on a moment’s notice and help you install an August Smart Lock. Each installer is vetted by August and then goes through a training program to ensure they can install our locks quickly and securely.

Depending on where you live, environmental factors like temperature, humidity and age can also impact the performance of your door and therefore your lock. The August Installer Network can get your door in excellent shape as well as recommend ways to further secure your home or keep energy costs down. Our installer network has also completed custom jobs, ranging from mortise lock customization to installing August locks on doors with molding.

A standard installation, which includes removing your thumb turn and installing the August Smart Lock, will cost around $100. Additional work, like aligning a door or a custom install is billed at the installer’s normal rate. To schedule an appointment with a locksmith from the August Installer Network, simply ping us at support@august.com or locate a locksmith near you.

We are always looking for talented locksmiths to be a part of our program. If you are interested, let us know here.

Check out how easy August is to install:
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